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More than just cleaning

At Merry Maids of the Valley, we go above and beyond what you would expect from a traditional house cleaning service. We offer unique house cleaning options designed to relieve you of your household chores – and free up your schedule in the process. After all, hiring our professional house cleaning team means having one less thing to worry about. That’s why we believe in accountability and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you receive a comprehensive house cleaning, every time. Plus, our maids are bonded, insured, and professionally trained, so your home is always protected during a house cleaning.

Getting started is easy. We offer an in-person consultation, and provide a fixed rate quote based on your needs. Charging by the hour can lead to being told one price at the start and a higher price to complete the house cleaning – known as a bait and switch – which is something you’ll never have to worry about at Merry Maids of The Valley.

With a variety of different house cleaning services for you to choose from, rest assured we take your requests very seriously, and do our best to deliver an exceptional service.

Being accountable for your home means treating it as our own during a house cleaning. That’s why our maids use microfiber cloths in every room. This is allows our maids to capture and remove more dirt during each house cleaning, thus improving the air quality of the home and avoiding cross-contamination. We also use proprietary Merry Maids manufactured cleaning solutions that have been designed to avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

Next time you’re considering a maid service that will handle your house cleaning needs, consider Nova Scotia’s Merry Maids of The Valley. We’ll take house cleaning off your to-do list.