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Tips for Styling Coffee Tables

Tips for Styling Coffee Tables


Like kitchen tables, coffee tables have a tendency to become living room catch-alls, often found buried under mountains of remote controls, magazines, dirty dishes and DVDs.

Styling your coffee table is a simple way to prevent it from becoming a dumping ground and can help infuse your home with some much needed style and function.

Achieving a stylish look is easy. Start by adding a serving tray that will act as the centrepiece of your design.

Next, it’s time to choose your accent pieces. This is totally dependent on your personal style and can include everything from books and magazines to fresh flowers or unique knickknacks. The goal is to carefully select a few pieces that will function as conversation starters without feeling like they’re cluttering up your space.

Finish things off with your favourite candle which will add a little extra ambience and keep your home smelling great!

And you’re done! Now it’s time to kick up your feet (just not on your newly stylized coffee table) and enjoy your masterpiece.